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everybodys happy now

i just whistled with a hiccup. miraculous.

well, it seems the time has come again when i am bored. i've just eaten a muffin, it's quite cold and lost has finished for another week.

but i am happy.

last year when there were rumours of miss saigon being the school show, i got quite anxious in that i didn't really know anything about the musical bar a few songs and an extremely rough storyline. i intended to get the soundtrack and learn it over the holidays (I like to be prepared) so i was ready for any auditions which may come up. returning to school, it seems that options out of the window. and after today, i can see why that's onyl a good idea.

don't get me wrong, it wasn't as if the musical was bad in any way, but it was too good to be done amateurly. okay, i hear u moan, les miz was hardly amateur, but les miz was a school edition, and while it was good - it wasn't perfect. we've lost anna, we've lost andy - yes we still have adam...but adam can't do a show on his own now can he? this year we must aim a bit lower.

it seems that there was much want for a dance show - chicago, cabaret, miss saigon. at the time, i never would have put miss saigon as *much* of a dance show. true I had seen a brief show in the version of "American Dream" i saw, but nothing compared to that which cropped up in the rest. aside from getting some masterpiece staging, astounding lighting and fucking great voices - you actually get a taste of Vietnam. obviously you expect no less from B&S but i hadn't expected *that* much. they can really do politics.

i'm still happy.

for once :)
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woooo! go happiness.
it's something that doesn't seem to do its rounds as it should do.

personally, i think that no matter what show you do, it'll be awesome anyway.

i mean, how could it not be?
if it was chess...
Lol thanks an i dunno why ppl do that.
Its kinna pointless tho me havin this cos ma days are always pisshy but hey *shrugs*

oh well luv ya bitch xxxxxxxxxxx
You should write a song about happiness.

Speaking of songs, have you got a finished version of Watch Me Dissolve? Do you still want that instrumental version?
ah in the times you've been away we've completely revamped it...

thank you for ur help in previous times but you are no longer required.

that sounded really harsh.

oh well.

(that was such a bad link btw :P)
Just out of curioisty, who's we?

me and tickell...avetage

she's so stealing it tho...but i am putting my foot down

altho u will be given sufficient creidts for putting us on our feet
Well, gorsh, thanks.

She couldn't write a 15 minute epic solo though :P

It's fine, do with it what you want. I will be tempted to use some of the ideas from it though.
in what way ideas?
Well, there are bit I might like to use for the creation of my own things, such as (this will mean nothing to you) the sliding of the G5 up at various intervals and the playing of the Dm with Dsus4.
ah i see...

i was told by my dad that the way i've written it now is very adventorous...but we had to simplify it for amy...and she still can't do it *rolls eyes*
Sounds like you need a session.

Or she needs more guitar lessons.

Either way would work. Depends how commited to the partnership you are.
we've had a "session" as you put it...she's not very um...willing though. she made a version and doesn't feel like budging from that.

and she doesn't like my experimental writings.

so...not that much of a committed partnership =P
*points to self*
she'd literally eat me with sauce if i split.


anyway, you have sinéad.

*evil smile*


12 years ago