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everybodys happy now

i just whistled with a hiccup. miraculous.

well, it seems the time has come again when i am bored. i've just eaten a muffin, it's quite cold and lost has finished for another week.

but i am happy.

last year when there were rumours of miss saigon being the school show, i got quite anxious in that i didn't really know anything about the musical bar a few songs and an extremely rough storyline. i intended to get the soundtrack and learn it over the holidays (I like to be prepared) so i was ready for any auditions which may come up. returning to school, it seems that options out of the window. and after today, i can see why that's onyl a good idea.

don't get me wrong, it wasn't as if the musical was bad in any way, but it was too good to be done amateurly. okay, i hear u moan, les miz was hardly amateur, but les miz was a school edition, and while it was good - it wasn't perfect. we've lost anna, we've lost andy - yes we still have adam...but adam can't do a show on his own now can he? this year we must aim a bit lower.

it seems that there was much want for a dance show - chicago, cabaret, miss saigon. at the time, i never would have put miss saigon as *much* of a dance show. true I had seen a brief show in the version of "American Dream" i saw, but nothing compared to that which cropped up in the rest. aside from getting some masterpiece staging, astounding lighting and fucking great voices - you actually get a taste of Vietnam. obviously you expect no less from B&S but i hadn't expected *that* much. they can really do politics.

i'm still happy.

for once :)
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