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and so it is

after 5 months of deliberation, anxious worrying and sheer determination (as well as looking like a freak), jimi mitchell has made it onto the curling team. :)

trials shaped up well when it was just me and nadia curling a dragweight...or getting it over the hog at least. then we played an end. i was worried cuz i was made skip that i'd balls it up, alas, there was much ballsing up from the entire team. it took us 3 stones to actualyl get one over the hog and i don't think any of us got one in the head. all changed for the second end though and we played a bit better. then halfway through miss mcmeekign approached and then told us the biz. the team is me, nadia, justin and elaine. because "we are getting old". and so that was that.

then elaine, yvonne and i went to emma's. good night.

and so what else happened? Mikado was performed over the week to a surprisngly agreeable audience. although i hate the fact that makeup gives u spots. and lots of them. and the effects that mascara has on the eyes. as well as extensive use of makeup remover. all in all...make up is bad. but i'll miss my children.

so it goes that i am well rounded. i perform in music, drama and sport. as well as academia. i never thought it possible. alas i am happy. :)
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