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i *actually* forgot i had one of these...

i guess MySpace takes up all my time now. (it is better, you should all get one). and from the disticnt lack of updates (bar lisa) i think everyone else has forgotten too. ah well. we're all busy, i guess, now we're old.

so! life, what's been happening? well not much really. curling's shining through...with it's shittiness. yet to win a match! woo! lost 3/3. although, did get a 6 stone in end in our first match. so we won't mention the 8 point losses....

it appears my format for LJ has disappeared...and i can't find the changey thing...so that's also annoying.

music is the new drama it appears. i seem to be excelling in that despite dropping the subject at second year...and never having any professional training...but hey, who am i to complain. imagine having 3 bands on ur blazer...HGSCuC, HGSDC, HGSMusC. That'd be nice...never gonna happen though. yet we live in hope! but anyway, had the wind and brass evening, remembrance service, got rhineland in february, carol service in a couple weeks, then singing with the jazz band sometime next term...on top of that the music competiton i think in february also. and then it will be the school show. so...busy is the word!

academia is easing. i was talking to miss bulloch today, and it made me realise that, inital stresses have all disappeared. i'm *so* much more confident with chemsitry. english is just a matter of reading. biology is fine still. maths, despite getting (in my opinion) an unfair report, is fine. mods is such a pointless subject. drama is probably the hardest out of the lot of them. but even still, i'm coping. you'll be glad to hear, i'm sure.

anyway, i sit here on a friday night with nothing to do cuz my dad has the car.

it's really quite shit.

still at least i got rebecca :)

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