Jimi (elvenraven) wrote,

the hissing of summer lawns

started with a bang, it has.

remnants of the dreaded summer '04 - hair is coloured, bakingly hot, and really not much to do.

i'll never understand why people say it's their favourite season, definitely my least.

i really haven't done much to be honest. there's been a fair few bbqs and my tastebuds have been basking in the beefburgers - it's the only chance they'll get!

pete the camera is just sitting there waiting to be unleashed unto the world. and hopefully he soon will be according to Dave. he's got me a shot with one of his mates, Angus, who is doing some promo work for a skate park and he says i could shoot some stills. so that'd be a fecking awesome way to break into the cycle - cuz you know, there's really only so many pictures i can take of myself before it starts getting really repetitive.

what else does summer '06 bring? well, on the 13th i have this meeting with childline so that should be good. i actually have no idea about anything to do with that to be honest, it's all kept very under wraps. but i hope so much that i get into it, it would be so utterly fulfilling.

also i've hit a brick wall with my idea of going camping...in that i have no idea where to go. damn boundaries. any hints/tips/ideas would be mucho apprecia..do?

oh new serena ryder album came today...sing sing has been cut for some odd reason...*sob*
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