Jimi (elvenraven) wrote,

I made my baby cry...

Songwriting is so hard...

Such a complete brain drain. Great for the whole emotional purging thing...but trying to make it perfect is just vexing.

It's going well though. Just got the middle 8 to finish. And then of course...the rest of the music. I got a fright with the chorus as well today thinking the keys didn't match up but it was all good.

Once its all done...I really have no idea what I'm going to do with it. Same with Watch Me Dissolve. Dad said he'd record them at Carlton so that'd be fun. Now to get a gospel choir for this one...

Oh in other news, Dave said eh doesn't think the skate park shoot will be happening. Which is pretty shitty to be honest, but oh well. Oh and the Mark Scott Leadership for Life Award stuff came through and i'm in! That was a nice wee surprise for the morning.

I really have to meet up with people and stat...the stir craziness is building up...and up...and up...

soon it will be boom there goes my sanity.

can't wait.
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