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this place

the mind of a madman

18 April
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adventure gaming, advice giving, alternative rock, alw's cats, analysing, ancient greece, appreciation, arty films, asoue, atheltics, basement jaxx, being a messenger, being in control, belts, black comedies, black hair, canada, card making, celebrities, celtic jewellery, changing rooms, charlies angels 1&2, chinese food, chukoku, cleaning, counselling, cranium, creating, cucumber, dance, directing, dominic monaghan, drama, drawing, dream interpretation, dreaming, dressing-up, ear cuffs, elves, english, er, ethnic jewellery, family games, fashion, flirting, forbidden things, friends, general knowledge quizzes, gift buying, gigs, goldfrapp, good vibrations, grecian culture, green, green eyes, grinding, guessing things, harry potter, hats, heat magazine, holidays, hovis, hugs, hygiene, impulse buying, irn-bru, jazz, kilts, kissing, lemony snicket, les miserables, looking good, loose-fitting clothes, lord of the rings, lost, lower case, madonna, mayonnaise, memories, messengers, moisturiser, msn, musicals, my friends, myst series, mythology, next, nicknames, norah jones, oil and vinegar, parties, paunchos, picture editing, pieces of april, pine forests, politics, pomegranates, psychology, radiohead, rain, recieving gifts, relationships, rent, retro t-shirts, rocky horror, romance, romeo and juliet, rufus wainwright, salt and vinegar pringles, schizm, school trips, scissor sisters, script writing, sex and the city, shakira, shopping, showers, showtunes, singing, sirius black, slacks, slash, solitude, special powers, spin the bottle, standing-up straight, starship titanic, station agent, strawberry ice-cream, style, summer fruits frescatos, taboo, tans, the features, the limelight, the moomins, the royal tenenbaums, the sims, the sims 2, thenardier, theorising, thorntons, topman, trilbys, truth or dare, tuna, typing lots, vogue, walking, x-men